StreetSafe StreetSmart

CoRPS supports citizens, elected representatives, resident welfare associations and institutions in addressing accident 'blackspots' through a comprehensive road safety audit, design inputs, consultation and finally implementation of safe designs. If you are an individual, or an institution, aware of a location that has history of traffic accidents or road blocks, talk to us!

Road User Behaviour

As much as infrastructure - road condition, lighting, pavements - accident risk can be mitigated just by addressing the human behaviour on the road. CoRPS uses a unique approach to tackling road uses behaviour, based on the principles of teaching tolerance, patience and empathy in shared spaces, as much as necessary road rules.

Technology for Road Safety

CoRPS provides active support to prototyping and piloting technology-based solutions to enhance road safety, but from the road-user perspective. So whether it is to incentivise wearing of helmets or defensive driving, CoRPS creates consortiums - team of teams - to develop technology solutions to make it happen.

Road: The only shared social space

Concern for Road and Pedestrian Safety (CoRPS) deals with two aspects of road safety - Road Infrastructure and Road Users Behaviour or Education in India. 
CoRPS as a registered charitable trust, makes small yet significant design changes on the roads to prevent road accidents. We also develop modules for various road users to understand their behaviour and influence it through innovative engagements. CoRPS works closely with:
Elected Representatives - to strengthen their leadership on road safety
Resident Welfare Associations - to amplify their voice, concerns and to help them play a proactive role to address road safety in their neighbourhood
Citizen Volunteers - to build champions in the community to continue to question and ensure road safety
Private Sector Organizations - to help develop capacities of the civic bodies and elected representatives, as much as supporting road safety interventions. We also engage with the private sector to help them structure their road safety footprint to help them reduce pressure on the roads as an organization and also prepare staff as responsible road users.
Schools and Colleges - to sensitize institutions on road dynamic and responsible road user behaviour. We also engage them in assessing road risks and developing simple solutions to mitigate them. 
Innovators and Engineers - to incubate and help build low-cost, frugal and B2C tech solutions / prototypes to enhance road safety and reduce road deaths and injuries
CoRPS is soliciting support from various organizations to further strengthen its road safety efforts. We lose 16-20 lives every hour in road accidents in India. CoRPS is committed to make a difference, and our efforts are directly aimed at bringing this number down.